A look into Camps/Retreat/Trips

A treasure like no other.

Clearly and obviously known yet it’s hidden in plain sight. Trips or retreats or camps that you attend with us will deepen your understanding of belief and leave you with satisfying questions that will only make you hungry for more community, more knowledge, and more Christ.






These two go hand-in-hand. We not only have one week of Lutherhill Staff and Community but we have two weeks of them filled into two different places.


Day Camp is for our youngin’ campers - those are the elementary and and even incoming middle school kids. Often Lutherhill gives an interactive and high energy theme every day where our campers sing, dance, pretend, play, and share their faith through fun simple activities. The community of OSLC mixes in other fun activities and unique experiences that sets us apart from other Day Camps or VBS’ and you get “DAY CAMP CAMP!”

Checking in with most campers and families, this is the reply I always recieve,

Lutherhill Camp and Retreat offers a various Summer Camp overnight program. From Kindergarten - about the junior year High School, Lutherhill provides a loving community filled with loving staff and a unique outdoor ministry experience. Their programs range from being 3-days to a two week program with the majority of their programs only lasting about one week.

Every year, no matter what time of the year, I bring up Lutherhill and this is the response I get:

They will not stop talking about it!
— Every parent ever

The Power of Family


A List of Event Names that have happened


From silly dress up holidays to simple yet important worship days, family is a strong and wonderful atmosphere we hold here at OSLC. We’ve been careful at work creating some inclusive and heart-warming programs for families of all backgrounds! We’re not only a ministry that focuses on the growth of our youth but their relationships with their family members and congregational members.

“Love one another like I have loved you” -John 13:34

I can promise you’ll find a fit here, after all, a strong community is a strong family.


About Camps & Retreats


Challenge Circle

Understanding the Depth

After spending a couple years at a summer camp, I was taught the challenge circle. This is a unique motivational tool that helps us take devotionals to a different level. Often, youth are comfortable with short answers and nods when they feel an answer is close to theirs but are afraid to speak up or speak their mind. We create a comfortable atmosphere for our youth so that they’re open to explore and enter that challenging/grow yellow sphere. We push them to that very area and let them sit and sink into their newness so that they may experience growth in their faith.

This our treasure — the youth. The camps/retreats/trips we host are done with so much intentionality to deepen their faith and to deepen the understanding about living a Christ-like life. There’s no forceful teaching or exclusive guilt, our target is the attention and interest of their learning minds.

We’re relatable — that’s the mentality. Our interactive lessons bring new life with the faith stories we share. It’s understandable to be teaching out of the Bible, the book of truth, but that won’t be our only thing. We want them to know the word in action and the amount of good their actions can do.

Understanding and Open— that’s the secret. When they seem bored, tired of talking, or are stuck in a spiral, we take notice and creatively change it up. Most importantly, we fail and we show them our failure. Situationally, we learn from our failures and implement them so that they can see the benefit of learning and failing.


It’s Not Youth without U.