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Greetings from Treehouse, the Lutheran Campus Ministry (ELCA) at Texas A&M and the Blinn Colleges! 

We are a grace-filled, Christ-centered community, welcoming to all students and young adults. That includes you! Whether Aggie/Buc, silly/serious, quiet/crazy-outgoing, conservative/liberal, country boy/city girl, LGBTQ/straight, got-it-all-figured-out/just faking it, confident/seeking, or whatever else, there's a place for you at Treehouse.

Join us for weekly dinner + faith formation + worship every Tuesday night. And join a small group! Then come back for service and socials. 

Wherever you are in your faith journey, know that you are welcome here. We look forward to meeting you!


Adult Catechism

Do you remember anything about your confirmation or the classes that you took in church when you were younger? Have you ever heard your child say something that you recognized from when you were in confirmation but can’t remember what is was about? Oh here’s a good one, have you ever dropped your child off on a Wednesday night and didn’t know what you were going to do for an hour or two before you have to come back to pick them up?

Well, now we’ll be opening up a bible study lead class about Catechism — sort of like a youth group except not a youth group. Let’s just say it’s an Adult Group, like a Youth Group but for Adults and we’ll be learning about the Catechism and answering questions that may have been on your mind for a while!


 Adult Bible Study