Pastor Elaine Gomulka

Pastor Elaine believes that children and youth are not the future of the church but essential to the church just as they are. They are the very stuff of the Kingdom of Heaven. She has been an ordained pastor in the Lutheran Church for 26 years and strives to include children in every aspect of church life.

Pastor Elaine Gomulka

A life-loving, faith observing, passionate leader



Susan Morris


Greg Tivis

Minister of Music

Jet Norway, Youth Director

Don't mistake this lovable oaf with the size of a humongous tree (it's just the perspective).

Jet Norway

Youth Director

Jet Norway is a fourth year Aggie who will graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Architecture in May of this year (2019). His passion for youth ministry started with his first job in outdoor ministry when he was called to be a media coordinator, and slowly rising ranks, at Lutherhill Camp and Retreat. Outside of ministry, Jet is a freelance photographer with a focus on Travel and Landscape but has been an avid portrait photographer.

Linda McFarland

Office Assistant

Jane McPherson

Nursery Attendant

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Council


Jason Ross, Council Chair for Youth and Family

Adventure dad with an excitement to show others God’s creation

Jason Ross

Council Chair for Youth and Family

Jason is the Facilities and Maintenance Engineer at the Messina Hof Winery. He is an avid outdoorsmen, loves camping and hiking, and hopes to get kids excited about seeing the beauty of God’s creation around them. He has two sons, Joseph and Noah; one is a junior in high school and the other is in 7th grade, respectively.

Passionate individuals with deep roots.

These are our volunteers who are righteously involved in our youth. Their overwhelming commitment brings a whole new life and level of challenges that mountain-stacks more fun and love into our community. They’re literally building up and motivating our youth to move mountains through faith.


All of our volunteers are not pictured but we love to thank them for all they do:

Kylie Jo

GRace Henze

Sarah Kirby

Savannah Schwabb

Jackie Boucher

Casey Williams

Madison Carleton