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Sunday Services 8:00am & 10:45am


Daily Devotions

Any requests, questions, or compliments may be directed in our “Contact” page of our website or be may be directed to our office.

…or if you have any concerns, worries, joys, blessings, thanks, or all the sort in your personal life and you want us to prayer for you then click below. We’ll prayer for you!


Come join our ministries


OSLC Youth Group


“Let the Kids be Kids”

As you can tell from the photo, our youth like to have fun but what you can’t see if how close and how deeply involved their faith is within our congregation. All youth of all ages are welcome no matter what personal, ethnic, or financial background - join us in any event or youth ministry night we have.

Do you want to come with us to camp or an event? Are you interested in the educational opportunities and experience that your child will have? Click below!


Service/Ways to Help

Always building each other up.

An integral part of all our ministries is the loving hands we're blessed with. We're not just a community because of what we offer - instead, we're able to offer all these wonderful faith nurturing and inclusive programs because of our community. Not to mention, the blessings you serve, in any talent, makes for some unique celebrations and events; it's incredibly rewarding!

Join the team or feel free to send them a thank you message or idea of what service we can do next!