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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for your lovely support and taking the time to even come through this website. Know that we can’t do half the things we have in our communities without the unity of the people of the church. Whether you’re a member or just follow our community and want to support us, you play a big role! We can’t thank you enough. Please click the link below to continue to our donation page.


Get Involved

There are other means of giving that mean so much more to us than just monetary donations. We would love to see you at our service opportunities or providing us with your time and talent that could benefit the wellness of our community. You don’t necessarily need any large amount of time or any talent to help us.


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From the tiniest and youngest of our congregation members to the our eldest, we have a place for you. From service ministries to fellowship, we want you to be there and experience this wholesome atmosphere

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Our Ministries and many events take a lot of behind-the-scenes action but are often rewarding in many instances. Take hold of the many opportunities of service and philanthropy.