Make a Difference

Multiple ways to give but, all the same, they’re just as impactful.

Make the Effort

Even if you can’t give all your time or all your effort, a small sliver of your time or just a single helping hand is more than enough to help improve our ministry. In any case, we want you to be more involved with OSLC’s Youth Group and the Congregation but we understand if you can’t totally commit your entire time.

Interacting or even just being in our presence is enough. You are enough. I bet one afternoon or lock-in or camping trip will make you wanting to help out and volunteer more and more!

“No I want to help without giving my time or effort,” well there is an option for that too…


Pencil it in

We have plenty of youth events that we could use your help at! From spending an entire night at the church to help moving materials for a service project or just being part of our various worships, we really appreciate your assistance.

Check out the calendar! We have plenty of events and trips for you to get involved with. They’re always posted early enough to scratch into your schedule and updated constantly so you know if it’s been change or postponed or even canceled all together.


Be Involved

“But I don’t know how to teach or run a bible study,”

That’s okay! Let us worry about that, what we need is more stranger faces to get familiar with. A community can’t bond if we don’t know every single person or at least get know them. Your presence is enough and the time you spend with us will always be treasured!

Sometimes we’ll just need abled-bodies to be drivers or be cooks or check on the youth director when he’s running a 30-hour day without sleep and his next event is a Lock-in (trust me it’s happened). Either way, I’m sure we will find a place if you’re willing to give your time.